Colin Tucker

• Native and hybrid Android app developer, proficient in Kotlin, Java and JavaScript
• Experienced in cross-platform software development environments, working alongside iOS, Web and Desktop teams to ensure product consistency.
• Skilled at writing efficient, maintainable, testable, reusable code
• Experienced in performance tuning and scalability testing

What I Do

Android App Development

Experienced Java + Kotlin Android app developer, with experience of hybrid apps.

Web Development

WordPress developer, with HTTP/CSS/JavaScript experience also. Experienced with Hybrid apps and vue.js

Crash Reporting / Troubleshooting

Experience with crash reporting services and analytics, and of course fixing problems as they arise.

Voicemail / Telephony Experience

Developed an Android voicemail app for IBM Unified Messaging, worked on an IBM Softphone Android app, and implemented a video and voice conferencing service using Twilio.


Experience with many JetPack components, and experienced in migrating legacy code to use JetPack

Test Driven Development

Experience with JUnit and other testing frameworks such as Mockito and Mock-k

Computer Vision

Developed an Android app to perform real time image processing of a whiteboard, streaming the processed video to web conference platforms such as WebEx or Zoom

Video Conferencing

A project I worked on required that I use Twilio to implement a voice and video conferencing in a native Android app.